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Commentary to the Hua-Yan Dharma-Realm Meditation King, Sallie Behn


This thesis is a translation, with notes and introduction, of the Commentary to the Hua-yan Dharma-realm Meditation, This text is a commentary to the Dharma-realm Meditation, which is incorporated into the former. The core text is by the first patriarch of the Hua-yan school of Buddhism in China, Du-shun (557-64-0); the commentary is by the fifth patriarch of the Hua-yan school, Zong-mi (780-841), The text is both philosophical and meditational in nature, and is a concise statement of the key doctrines of the school. The introduction to this text prepares the reader for the translation by providing the information and concepts necessary for an understanding of the text. This includes material on the translation of technical terms, a brief sketch of some Buddhist texts referred to by the authors, biographical information on the authors, historical and philosophical background to the Hua-yan school, a comment on the literary and meditational aspects of the text, and a general summary of the text by chapters.

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