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The effects of estradiol and progesterone on the growth and differentiation of the quail oviduct Boogaard, Connie


The effects of estradiol and progesterone treatment on the growth and differentiation of the quail oviduct have been investigated, in terms of morphology, growth, and, biochemical differentiation. Histologically, estradiol induced the formation of tubular gland cells by 5 days of treatment, and epithelial differentiation by 10 days of treatment. Progesterone treatment appeared to enhance epithelial differentiation slightly. The treatment also enhanced the growth of the oviduct, as indicated by increases in size, weight, and the content of the tissue constituents, protein, RNA and DNA. Estradiol treatment also induced the synthesis of two specific proteins, ovalbumin and lysozyme. However, estradiol treatment failed to induce synthesis of the protein avidin. Only progesterone induced the synthesis of this protein. Withdrawal from treatment for ten days caused a loss of cells and of tissue constituents. This loss was greater in those birds withdrawn from estrogen plus progesterone treatment than in those withdrawn from estrogen treatment. In some cases, specific proteins were also absent in oviducts from birds withdrawn from treatment.

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