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The apothecary by Joseph Haydn : a production thesis Henrikson, Steven


The following dissertation outlines in detail the steps followed in producing The Apothecary, an opera by Joseph Haydn, written in 1768. An opera had to be chosen that would meet the restrictions of an opera workshop: limited number of singers, young voices, and simplicity of design. A translation from the German text into a singable English translation was first required. A rehearsal schedule was then drawn up. This had to accommodate a timetable involving other opera excerpts. Also needed was a breakdown of the opera into a number of scenes for both musical and staging rehearsals. Time and research were given to the staging, designing of the setting, and lighting of the same. These were then put into effect. Conducting was also studied and applied as the final discipline to co-ordinate the work for performance. Joseph Haydn's The Apothecary met the limiting requirements of an opera workshop. The candidate also experienced the multiplicity of problems met when producing an opera. The work presented a good challenge, and an excellent learning situation for future application.

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