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Sergei Esenin and nature Perunovich, Ljubomir


In this thesis my main concern is the poetry which deals with Nature in a direct manner. While analyzing Esenin's poems I will discuss such problems as: 1. The beginning of Sergei Esenin's poetic career. 2. The relationship between Esenin and the peasant poets, especially Kliuev. 3. The religious and the pantheistic aspects of Esenin's poetry. 4. The poetry of Esenin's last two years. 5. Esenin's craftsmanship and lexicology. One of my main tasks in this paper is to examine the specific relationship between Esenin and Nature, by demonstrating that which is characteristic of his view of Nature. The old maple tree, the poplars, the cherry trees are almost as much part of his inner world as his fellow men. He conveys his aesthetic feelings towards things in Nature, including animals, through such attachment and love for them that his poetry is unique for its almost irrational passion. This gives Esenin's poetry an important dimension, which is at the same time the secret of his success as a poet. The poem "Sorokoust" with its new themes represents the beginning of a new period in Esenin's poetic work. Esenin, as man and as poet, felt deeply the changes caused by the industrial revolution in the existing harmony between Man and Nature. This was strongly reflected in the poetry of his last period. In this thesis I shall not discuss such problems as Esenin's urban poetry, his period of association with the Imagists, or the poems written abroad.

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