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The Lamp of Certainty by ’Jam-mgon Kong-sprul, translated and annotated Hanson, Judith


This thesis is an annotated translation of Nges-don sgron-me, a meditation text by the Tibetan eclectic 'Jam-mgon Kong-sprul (1813-99). The text contains instructions and commentary on the Four Foundations, the key preliminary practices for the bKa'-brgyud tradition. These include the rituals of Taking Refuge and Engendering the Enlightened Attitude; Meditation and Mantra of rDo-rje Sems-dpa'; Mandala- Offering, and Guru-Yoga. The translation elucidates these practices, and the footnotes explore the significance of key terms. The appendices contain interviews with two leading Lamas, the Venerable Kalu Rin-po-che and the Venerable sDe-gzhung Rin-po-che, and reproductions of the texts translated in our study.

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