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A failure to observe schedule-induced polydipsia during schedules of brain stimulation reinforcement Ramer, Donald Gordon


An attempt was made to observe schedule-induced polydipsia in rats whose lever pressing was reinforced with electrical brain stimulation. Eleven food-deprived, water-sated rats drank freely available water excessively during sessions in which Noyes food pellets were delivered intermittently. When brain stimulation reinforcement was substituted for food reinforcement, drinking dropped immediately to near zero. Delivering brain stimulation according to a variety of schedules, pairing brain stimulation with food reinforcement, providing saccharin solution in addition to water, and substituting an air stream for water each failed to produce schedule-induced polydipsic licking during brain stimulation reinforcement sessions. These results suggest that food ingestion is a necessary stimulus for schedule-induced polydipsic drinking. Theories of schedule-induced polydipsia are discussed and evaluated.

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