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A study of stress and strain concentration factors in a transversely isotropic medium relevant to the Leeman doorstopper technique Smith, Hubert Rodney


The research for this thesis was carried out to investigate the effects of anisotropy on stress and strain measurements made by the Leeman "doorstopper" technique. The stress field in rock is influenced by many different sources. These complicate the methods for obtaining a stress tensor which is a representive model of the in-situ stress condition. Research has been carried out to determine stress concentrations for the Leeman doorstopper technique in isotropic ground, but previously, no values were known to exist for anisotropic conditions. A three-dimensional finite-element computer model was used to investigate the effect of anisotropy on stress and strain concentration factors. Displacement data and strain concentration factors obtained from this analysis, although not quantitatively accurate, showed that the doorstopper technique can indicate erroneous stress levels in anisotropic ground unless the appropriate corrections can be made.

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