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Multistage input-output models for complex production systems Sigloch, Berndt Adolf


The author develops a mathematically rigorous and concise formulation of a general, multistage input-output model for complex production systems, by integrating various useful concepts, developed in different disciplines. This model was designed to serve equally well for production planning, cost measurement and allocation purposes. After the objective, scope and methodology are set forth, the concepts of linking the stages of a production system and reducing the multistage model into different equivalent formats are demonstrated. Then the concepts of jumping inputs, internal flows and feedbacks are introduced into the model, to account for characteristics of more complex production systems. All previously discussed concepts are then integrated into a single, generalized input-output model. It is shown, how the physical model may be used to calculate the total costs of alternative production programs, how standard costs can be derived and how dollar-coefficient matrices may be used. Some of the existing literature is then integrated and evaluated within this new framework. Finally a summary is complemented by a list of areas that seem to deserve further research.

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