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The delinquency of Indian girls on British Columbia : a study in socialization Neilson, Kathryn Elizabeth


Delinquency is examined in groups of young female offenders from two different cultures: British Columbia Indians and the larger White society. Socialization (Gough and Peterson 1952) is the focus of the study, due to its universal nature. Facets and dimensions of socialization are examined statistically and qualitatively for Indian-White differences in the expression and significance of delinquency for each culture. Several significant findings emerge. Specifically, the reliability of measures used is consistently poorer for Indian subjects. Indian delinquents show more positive attitudes toward family and more pessimism regarding life in general than do their White counterparts. The methods used do not permit adequate exploration of the complexities of Indian-White differences. The implications of the study for future research and for treatment of Indian delinquents are discussed.

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