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Words ranging forms a reading of Louis Zukofsky's "A": 1-12 Cummings, Carol A.


It is an initial assumption of this paper that the reading of a poem is an experience which the reader undergoes, or in which he participates. The reader is part of the process of the poem. Hence the discussion of "A": 1-12 is focussed on a consideration of what happens in the reading of the poem. The point of view taken is that the poem itself is an exercise in how to read. In the pursuit of this discussion, the poem is observed as an object, as anoordered device; as Zukofsky's model of the universe he perceives. Communication theory is used as an initial model for an analysis of the way in which meaning is conveyed to the reader. The subsequent discussion involves a study of Zukofsky's use of analogies and technics, as well as an analysis of the ways in which he uses language. As a cumulative result, a sense of the subjective experience of the poem is derived through the metaphor of cyclicality. The discussion of movements within the poem become cycles of movement between the reader and the poem, and between the writing and the poem.

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