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From 'left' to 'right' : a perspective on the role of the volunteers in family planning in the west and south Asia Bishop, Mary F.


This thesis is an examination of the role of the volunteers in the development of family planning programs in the West and South Asia, and of whether they have a continuing role to play. Through personal experience, interviews and correspondence with some of the leaders, through reports, other readings, and studies of motivation and the provision of family planning services, the writer concludes that the volunteers played an indispensable part. Governments would not have introduced family planning programs if voluntary organizations had not shown that they were needed and feasible. The volunteers laid the groundwork not only for official programs but for a variety of careers in family planning and related fields. They have a continuing role to play as friendly critics in promotion, education, and innovative research, and to , make sure that birth control, once considered to be far to the "Left", becomes firmly entrenched as a Human "Right”.

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