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Seasonal changes in hydrographic and chemical properties of Indian Arm and their effect on the calanoid copepod Euchaeta japonica Whitfield, Paul Harold


This study examines seasonal changes in the relationship between a test organism and changes in the hydrographic and chemical properties of Indian Arm, a coastal fjord. There is a close relationship between changes in the hydrographic properties of the water and changes in the metal complexing ability of water in the inlet, as determined with the test organism. The relationship between the organism and the availability of metals changes with time; the complexing ability of natural water increases at the time of the major intrusion of water from the Strait of Georgia into Indian Arm, and then decreases. The addition of a variety of metals under experimental conditions affects the relationship between the organism and the complexing ability of the water. Additional studies examine the effect of material extracted from sediment samples on the toxic effect of copper enrichment. The ability of the extracted material to reduce the toxic effect changes and is related to the seasonal productivity in the surface waters of the inlet.

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