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Role bargaining : a means of adaptation to strain within dual work families Humphreys, Elizabeth W.


It is generally recognized that considerable strain exists in women's dual role of housewife and wage earner. The concern of this thesis is to provide a description and analysis of this strain and determine the extent to which husbands and wives redistribute their family roles in response to such strain. A major focus is the relative contributions of dual work spouses to the performance of household tasks, under varying degrees of strain. Two sources of data were utilized: time-budget data for 389 couples and interview data for 10 couples. The analysis of the time-budget data indicates that the husbands' participation in household tasks is to a large extent independent of the demands placed upon their wives. The qualitative analysis suggests that wives with paying jobs adapt to the demands of the job and the family by altering the priorities of their role of wife, mother, and employee, rather than bargaining with their husband over obligations and responsibilities.

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