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Predictors of analogue intrusive thoughts : a structural equation model Regambal, Marci Joan


Structural equation modeling was used to examine the prediction of intrusive thoughts from the theoretically proposed pathways in the Ehlers and Clark model (Behav. Res. Ther., 38 (2000) 319), and to examine the interface of emotion and preexisting vulnerability factors with the cognitive processes considered central to the model. Using a prospective design, 148 undergraduate students viewed a distressing film and recorded their film-related intrusive thoughts over the following week. The results indicated that a preexisting emotional vulnerability factor (i.e., trait anxiety and depression), predicted dysfunctional processing (i.e., dissociation and data-driven processing). Furthermore, emotional reactivity and dysfunctional coping strategies (i.e., rumination, thought suppression, and the use of safety behaviours) directly predicted intrusive thoughts. The observed model was consistent with Ehlers and Clark’s proposed model, placing it in a broader context. Implications for the interface of these factors are discussed.

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