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Javanese gamelan in the Paku Alaman Palace : the repertoire of uyon-uyon muryararas Hartana, Sutrisno Setya


In this thesis I would like to present information gathered over the past two decades concerning the repertoires of court Javanese gamelan in the Paku Alaman Palace. My main interest is the time period of the early 20th century to the present; however, some relevant historical background from earlier times is included. The gamelan at the Paku Alaman performs for a variety of palace events, accompanying dance or puppet shows and sometimes playing compositions from ancient times, all of which are outside the scope of this thesis. This thesis will limit discussion to the gamelan performance called uyon-uyon muryararas (UUMR), which refers to a certain gamelan performance held every 35 days in Pura Paku Alaman Palace. This cyclic performance is the only occasion when only the gamelan orchestra, including singers, is featured without theatre, dance, puppetry, or any other art form. Originally, the idea of uyon-uyon muyararas was a ceremonial gamelan performance held by the royal family of Pura Paku Alarnan to celebrate the birthday of the king based on the Javanese lunar calendar. In modem times, because of local government support as part of a program sustaining the traditional culture, uyon-uyon muryararas have been broadcast by local radio stations. The group uses the same repertoire of 100-200 traditional compositions as used in other palaces, with some exceptions. Some are instrumental and some have singing. Lyrics are fi-om traditional poetry, stories, historical and mythical events. Before 1945, attendance at the performance was restricted to the Paku Alaman’s royal family members, special guests, and the palace servants (abdi dalem), but since the reign of Sri Pakualam VIII (1938-1990), performances are open to the general public. In particular, this thesis will explore some basic relationships that exist between a particular social institution, that is the palace gamelan, the musical activities, the musicians who perform, and some selected repertoires of the gendhing (Javanese musical compositions) they play.

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