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Risk-o-rama : how to avoid dying or at least not get seriously maimed Walker, Lori L.


Starting high school is an exciting new chapter in the lives of Lindsay, Graham, and Cole. But a journal assignment from their life skills teacher about health risks leads to an awareness that growing up means facing difficult choices, and basing decisions on good information as well as the things they care about the most. In this work of informational fiction, characters face a variety of health risks (both real and perceived) as part of their adjustment to high school and their new sense of independence. These risks include exposure to cigarettes and alcohol, steroid use, diet drugs, depression, pesticides, and communicable diseases. Realistic scenarios involving these risks give the characters scope for increased awareness and maturity. Each character will face their own personal crisis involving the risks they are most vulnerable to. Lindsay is the most susceptible to peer pressure, exposing her to risks associated with weight lose, depression and smoking. Graham will face the reality that he is gay and is vulnerable to homophobia and bullying. He is also a worrier who reflects on a wide variety of other everyday risks like unpasturized cheese and pesticides. Cole is a high risk taker who continually seeks out approval. He exposes himself to risks associated with the use of steroids, alcohol, and extreme sports. As their various risk-related crises climax, the three friends come together to sort through their challenges with good information, self awareness, and the support of each other.

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