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Exploration of four factors influencing people’s social activities in commercial pedestrian environments : a case study of Nanjing Xia, Xinke


Pedestrian environments influence our everyday experience of life in cities. The vitality and image of a city is often gauged by the level of pedestrian activity on the streets (Robertson, K. 1994). In recent years, an important aspect of the revitalization movement in city centers has been to focus on the improvement of the quality of pedestrian environments on city streets. Pedestrian behavior study is an useful methodology that has been advocated by Whyte (1980) and Gehl (1996) in exploring the relationship between people, activity and their environment. This thesis will examine some of the main outdoor pedestrian areas in the central business district of Nanjing, a provincial capital city in eastern China. Through a series of pedestrian studies and on-site surveys, this research aims to explore the factors that influence the way that pedestrians use streets in a commercial environment, and find some solutions and implications for encouraging social activities in the relevant study areas. The author also hopes that this report on the pedestrian environment will one day prove useful on a referential basis for the redevelopment and revitalization of Nanjing City.

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