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Melodic introspections : the life and cultural landscape of Srul Irving Glick as reflected in his composition "Old Toronto Klezmer Suite" Hopper, Deborah C. S.


Srul Irving Glick was one of Canada's most brilliant and prolific composers of the late twentieth century. Born and raised within the Toronto Jewish community, Glick was surrounded by a myriad of musical influences from his father's work as a cantor to his brother's career as a professional clarinetist. Although Glick struggled early in his life with his identity as a Jew, he ultimately accepted and embraced his heritage. In his 1998 composition "Old Toronto Klezmer Suite" Glick achieves a seamless blending of his Jewish and art music backgrounds creating a rich score filled with meaning. Through a historical, musical and autobiographical analysis of his composition this thesis attempts to show the ways Glick has negotiated identity within his music, and how, by reevaluating his own preconceptions, he was able to expand the boundaries of Jewish and Canadian composition.

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