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Naming Roberts, Duff Matthew


Naming is a narrative strategy that serves to explicate the conceptual model the strategy is drawn from. Through a close reading and examination of the narrative strategies in David Malouf's short stories "Jacko's Reach" and "Black soil Country" and his novel Remembering Babylon, and Jack Hodgins' short stories "Separating" and "Spit Delaney's Island" and his novel Innocent Cities, my thesis proposes that names are stories and naming is storytelling. This thesis offers a model of forward/lateral thinking as a structure that performs, self-consciously, the layering or embedding of stories within names. Further, this thesis also contains critical engagement with similar layerings in the work of Fred Wah, Anne Carson, Laurie Ricou, Thomas King, Don McKay, Denis Lee, and Tim Lilburn. Taken together, these diverse writers' thinking on naming and storytelling respond in my thesis to Ecocritical and Postcolonial theoretical modes of textual address and analysis.

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