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A design space for whole-hand flat surface interaction Chen, Timothy Tien-Hua


Touch interfaces offer interaction possibilities that are not viable with common computer user input devices, yet many touch interfaces only sense single-point touch. Whole-hand input devices capture more complexities of the hands and fingers, but are not frequently used to capture touch. The confluence of these areas describes whole-hand touch interfaces that are capable of capturing rich hand actions performed with respect to a surface. While prevailing interaction paradigms suggest that constraining input to two or three dimensions yields superior usability and efficiency, other domains, such as art and music, lend themselves for input with many more degrees of freedom. This research proposes an organization of whole-hand surface interaction that comprises a classification of existing touch interfaces, a taxonomy of flat surface-constrained hand actions, and a design space for whole-hand flat surface touch interaction. An objective of this research is to better understand which properties of touch interfaces are conducive to capturing certain actions. Finally, we present some case studies that illustrate examples of whole-hand touch applications and technologies in the context of this research.

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