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The experiences of Sikh spirituality in relation to health and well-being Miller, Hope Marie


The purpose of this qualitative study was exploration of the relationship between Sikh spirituality and well-being. The literature presented an overview of the relationship between social work and spirituality, the religious aspects that are correlated with well-being, and the history, practices and beliefs of the Sikh faith. The methodology included in-depth interviews of four devout Sikhs, which gave participants the opportunity to openly discuss their personal feelings about their spirituality, as it relates to their overall wellness. Member checking was utilized to ensure validity and reliability, and ethical issues were considered. Grounded theory was used to develop themes. The results revealed three main themes. The first, Promotion of Physical Health, presented data about healthy behaviours, routines and healthy boundaries of right and wrong. The second theme, Promotion of Emotional Health, discussed the benefits of prayer, and indicators of life satisfaction, such as hope and fulfillment. The last theme, Promotion of Identity, introduced the ways that Sikhs represent their identity, the pride that exists in Sikh identity, and the forms of social support available. The limitations of the research were discussed, including sample size, language barriers, and failure to explore the negative aspects of religion. Subsequent implications for practice and research led to recommendations for social workers and health care workers.

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