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Involvement of ERalpha and ERbeta in estradiol-induced enhancement of hippocampal neurogenesis and sexual behaviour Mazzucco, Christine Anne


In this study we investigated the involvement of estrogen receptors alpha and beta in both sexual behaviour and estradiol-induced enhancement of hippocampal neurogenesis in the adult female rat. Our study utilized recently available subtype selective alpha and beta estrogen receptor (ER) agonists, propyl-pyrazole triol (PPT) and diarylpropionitrile (DPN) to examine each receptor's contribution, individual and co-operative, for these primarily estradiol-mediated processes. To evaluate sexual behaviour and cell proliferation, rats were bi-laterally ovariectomized (OVX) and received subcutaneous injections of estradiol (10 (ag), PPT and DPN alone (1.25, 2.5, 5.0 mg /0.1 ml DMSO) or in combination (2.5 mg PPT + 2.5 mg DPN/ 0.1 ml DMSO). For experiment 1, our findings demonstrate that ERalpha is involved in eliciting both proceptive and receptive behaviour. Our laboratory has previously found that estradiol increases cell proliferation within 4 hrs in the dentate gyrus of adult female rats, therefore, for experiment 2 we administered estradiol or the agonist(s) 4 hrs prior to the cell synthesis marker bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU; 200 mg/kg). DPN enhanced cell proliferation by approximately 40% at all three administered doses (1.25 mg, p

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