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Revitalizing historic town center by design : the case of Ladner Town Center Xi, Yongdong


This thesis focuses on the role of design in revitalizing historic town center through the case study of Ladner Town Center. Ladner Town Center has a history of 136 years which traces back to its beginning of Ladner brothers' Ladner Landing. It has unique character as a historic town center, intimate scale, and highly respected by its residents and visitors. However, the town center has experienced a decline in its importance as a commercial center and its built space is deteriorating. The revitalization of Ladner Town Center is to retain and enhance its desirable characteristics: traditional character, human-friendly scale, and its unique physical characteristics; to rejuvenate its economic viability for the merchants and the community; and to enhance its convenience and attractiveness for residents and visitors. The case study of designing for revitalizing Ladner Town Center is approached by first analyzing the existing situation of the historic town center and the unique elements that form the character. Opportunities and constraints are concluded from this analysis, and a variety of basic principles and strategies are proposed related to the goals and objectives for revitalizing Ladner Town Center. Finally, a selected scheme is developed from two alternatives, and more detailed design or key portions of this selected scheme are presented.

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