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From Chinese to Filipino : changing identities of the Chinese in the Philippines Chua, Dorothy Ang


This paper is an examination of the changing identities of the Chinese in the Philippines through three generations - the China-oriented first generation, the Philippine-born second generation, and the Philippine-oriented third generation. This paper explores the differential constructions of Chinese Filipino identity by colonial and postcolonial governments, the factions representing the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party, Philippine opinionmakers, and the Chinese Filipinos themselves. This paper also examines the construction of a Chinese racial category in the Philippine context, and how a racialized construction of class has constituted the identity formation of Chinese Filipinos. Racially triangulated vis-à-vis the colonizers and the Filipinos, the Chinese were valorized relative to the natives for their economic skills but ostracized from the body politic due to their perceived foreignness. Throughout their history, they have been racialized as 'alien' and 'economically privileged' - the intersection of race and class at the center of Chinese Filipino identity.

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