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Their learning, your culture : understanding the impact of organizational culture on the learning of nursing students within a school of nursing Langlois, Barbara Gwen


Understanding the actions and behaviours of members who are part of an organizational culture allows us to gain insight into what organizational culture is and how it may impact those who interact within that organizational culture. In a School of Nursing, students enter into the educational institution expecting to learn how to become a nurse while the nursing faculty employed within the educational institution are expected to provide students with this learning. This qualitative descriptive study was conducted to gain an understanding of how the organizational culture of a basic nursing education program impacts student learning. The study was conducted using semi structured interviews with ten nursing faculty members employed at three nursing degree granting educational institutions located within the Lower Mainland. The findings of this study revealed nursing faculty may have impacted student learning directly through classroom and teaching methods, clinical experiences, journalling, and through evaluation techniques. On the basis of the findings to this study, two aspects seemed particularly relevant and warranted further discussion. The first aspect was being part of an organization the participants believed in and that fit with their personal and professional values. The second aspect was the tension that seemed to exist for many of these nursing faculty members in relation to ways of dealing with power issues in student-faculty relationships, particularly where the organizational philosophy was perceived to be contradictory to what was enacted in actual educational practice.

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