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Family implementation of a culturally appropriate positive behavior support plan : an experimental and descriptive analysis Cheremshynski, Christy


Problem behaviors are a major source of stress for families of children with developmental disabilities. Such stressors may include physical exhaustion, social isolation, and marital distress (Singer & Irvin, 1991). Studies on the efficacy of family-centered positive behavior support plans have empirically demonstrated that this approach can minimize problem behavior and enhance family quality of life. To date, however, none of the studies emerging from the positive behavior support literature have investigated the affect of culture on the development and implementation of a positive behavior support plan. The purpose of this study was to use an adapted cultural assessment tool in the design and implementation of a positive behavior support plan with one child of a family of a diverse cultural background who also demonstrated problem behavior in a valued, home-based routine. The study employed a single-subject withdrawal design. Both quantitative and qualitative measures were used to collect data across five phases: baseline, intervention, withdrawal, return to intervention and follow-up. Quantitative results indicated the presence of a clear functional relationship between the implementation of a culturally enhanced positive behavior support plan and improvements in a child's participation in a dinner routine and substantial reductions in problem behavior. Qualitative results yielded three themes relevant to providing effective behavior intervention services for families of a diverse cultural background. The results are discussed with reference to previous research, contributions, implications, limitations, and future directions for research with culturally diverse families.

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