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Realizing the sustainable city park : redesign of John Hendry Park Chen, Hongbing


City parks play an important role in the urban life. As well as providing a range of public recreational activities, they can increase landscape function and enhance the wildlife habitats. By using sustainable technologies to revitalize parks and their adjacent neighborhoods, we can provide sustainable places, where people want to be, that can be maintained with minimal cost. This project studies, applies and demonstrates different methods and technologies to achieve a sustainable city park. The proposed park will meet the public's needs for a range of activities and community functions, while providing ecological functions such as wildlife habitat and storm water management. Through a context and site analysis of John Hendry Park, this study develops a set of factors illustrating the opportunities and constraints of this park. In order to enrich the old program, increase the attraction, overcome the limitations, and enhance the sustainability of this park, a new proposal has been developed. Through the factor comparison between the existing and the proposed park, this study will emphasize the significance of sustainable city parks and sustainable technologies that can be applied in other city parks.

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