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An LP based distribution network planning tool for a large pulp and paper company Lavieri, Mariel Sofía


NorskeCanada, a large pulp and paper manufacturer, was striving to improve its distribution system and reduce lead times. Given the size and complexity of the network, it was not clear where the system bottlenecks were. It was agreed with the company that the project would be conducted in two phases. In Phase I, high level process maps were created in order to understand what factors affected distribution lead times. In addition, a comprehensive sample of lead-time data was analyzed. In Phase II, a high-level distribution optimization model was created to be used for strategic decisions. The purpose of this large-scale PC based linear programming model is to determine the amount of product to send on each route and transportation mode in order to minimize total distribution costs on a monthly basis. Its simplicity to use and expand, make it ideal for scenario and "What-If" analyses.

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