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Thunderbird boathouse : a community development Fraser River-Middle Arm, city centre Richmond Beresford, Brian I.


As the City of Richmond grows and continues its transition into a progressively urban landscape, many development opportunities will arrive providing exciting and challenging design interventions, both large and small. Nowhere will this be more apparent then within the City Centre district where the existing strip-mall and industrial land-use will gradually change into higher-density residential and commercial/ retail land-use. This transition will become all the more apparent in the advent of the proposed introduction of the Rapid Transit Line running down the unofficial Main Street in No. 3 Road. Considering the potential redevelopment of this region, the adjacent riverfront will become an important public-space in which the identity and the character of the area may be fostered. The intention of this thesis is to provide a full-scale examination of the potential of the riverfront redevelopment within this region. Further, this thesis focuses on the development and implementation of the currently proposed Thunderbird Boathouse along the shores of the existing dyke/ riverfront edge and its role and place within a larger riverfront redevelopment design. This facility will provide a central hub within the existing and future riverfront environment, establishing an axis mundi from which the community can identify and orientate themselves around. In order to understand and develop a comprehensive design proposal for the Thunderbird Boathouse and adjacent riverfront, this thesis first examines redevelopment options for the City Centre district and then applies this analysis into the creation of a new City Centre riverfront environment. Within this context the design, layout, and implementation of the Thunderbird Boathouse is explored, focusing on connecting this facility within its existing and future landscape.

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