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Submillimetre observations of the Subaru Deep Field Coppin, Kristen Erin Kathryn


We have measured the submillimetre wavelength continuum emission from the Subaru Deep Field (SDF) at 450 and 850 (j,m with the Submillimetre Common-User Bolometer Array (SCUBA) detector on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT). The SDF is as deep a near-IR image as is available and contains four 'hyper extremely red objects' (HEROs). These data have allowed us to test the connection between 'extremely red objects' (EROs) found in IR surveys and the population of bright submillimetre sources found with SCUBA. This is an important building block in our understanding of the star formation history of the universe. We examine the entire submillimetre map of the SDF region and perform correlation analyses of a selected catalogue of galaxies in the SDF with our submillimetre SDF map. We find that there is no clear correlation between the near-Infrared positions and submillimetre flux. We also present upper limits to the fluxes of the four HEROs, or a weak measurement of the average flux for the four of them. Our data are consistent with the HEROs being Arp220-like objects out to z ~ 1.6. However, they would need to be one and a half times as luminous as Arp220 and extincted in the J-band by about 1 magnitude; a plausible scenario since only modest adjustments are made to Arp220's luminosity and dust content.

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