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In their own voices : learning from the experiences of visible-minority gay male youth Watt, Jason P.


The objective in this research was to illuminate and understand the experiences of visible-minority gay male youth. In an attempt to contribute to the minority youth literature in social work, four visible-minority gay male youth from the ages 19 to 22 were interviewed. Interviews were transcribed and analyzed, informed by a phenomenological approach. This method was used as it allowed these youth to describe the essence of their personal experiences. Analysis of the participants' data produced the core themes of (1). Coming out, (2). Family dynamics, (3). Ethnic community, (4). Gay, lesbian, and bisexual community. These themes as framing the essential characteristics of the participant's experiences as visible-minority gay male youth were discussed, as well as implications for social work practice. The findings of this study allow the experiences of visible-minority gay male youth in this research to be heard and to contribute to a better understanding of the strengths and challenges of these youth.

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