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An investigation into trust-building mechanisms in B2B e-Marketplaces : a content analysis approach Tu, LingLing.


B2B e-Marketplaces are applications of an electronic business platform introduced on the Internet. They establish a set of rules for online business, they serve buyers and sellers with acquiring products and information more effectively and efficiently, and they change stages of business processes. Trust is instrumental for establishing business relationships in B2B e-Marketplaces. Following Zucker's trust production theory, this study posits that the use of institution-based trust and process-based trust can induce two dimensions of inter-organizational trust in B2B e-commerce: trading partner trust (Marketplace participant trust) and Marketplace trust. To investigate the status quo for trust-building in B2B e-Marketplaces, one hundred B2B e-Marketplaces were selected randomly from the comprehensive list produced by eMarket Services (www. Emarketservices.com) and examined using content analysis methodology. The results reveal that seven trust-building mechanisms are commonly used for increasing trading partner trust (marketplace participant trust), and thirteen trust-building mechanisms are used for increasing marketplace trust. The findings provide guidelines for B2B e-Marketplaces for a trustworthy trading environment establishment.

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