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A heuristic algorithm for automated routing in integrated circuits Sepasi, Amir Hossein


In recent years artificial intelligence techniques have been extensively applied to. real world problems. Two common characteristics of the problems amenable to heuristics are: their large search space that makes exhaustive search practically impossible; and for most applications the need to find a near-optimal solution - instead of exact - in a reasonable and cost effective time frame. Most of the problems throughout the design of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) circuits are combinatorial, which implies a huge search space. Furthermore the sheer number of components makes exhaustive search impossible. One of the common problems in this area is routing the terminals in the layout in a reasonable amount of time. Until very recently, manual routing was the most reliable way of doing routing. As the scale of integration grows, manual routing becomes practically impossible. There has been lots of research and studies on how automated routing can successfully replace manual routing. The purpose of this thesis is a to find an automated method that helps find a good solution to this problem in a reasonable amount of time.

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