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Early numeracy profiles of arithmetic disability and arithmetic and reading disability subtypes Vukovic, Rose Kathy


The present study investigated the kindergarten and grade 1 numeracy profiles of arithmetic disability (AD) and reading and arithmetic disability (RAD) subtypes. The results showed that children with RAD exhibited a different profile than children with AD in both kindergarten and in grade 1. In kindergarten, children with RAD knew fewer letters and numbers, were more developmentally delayed in their informal skills than AD children and had a memory span deficit. In grade 1, RAD children continued to be characterized by memory span and informal skill deficits. RAD children were also significantly deficient in mathematical problem solving and reading. The kindergarten predictors of grade 1 numeracy achievement were also investigated. The present study found support for the role of informal skills, working memory, spatial tasks and phoneme deletion in grade 1 numeracy achievement. Future research is needed to determine the predictive power of kindergarten skills to later numeracy skills.

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