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Respiratory health impacts in the entertainment industry from exposure to theatrical smokes and fogs Varughese, Sunil Charles


The potential for respiratory health impacts from exposure to theatrical smokes and fogs (glycol or mineral oil aerosols) in the entertainment industry has raised concern among employees and performers and given rise to compensation claims. One hundred and one entertainment industry workers in British Columbia were studied in live theatre, film production, music concerts and other venues where theatrical smokes and fogs was used on the study day. Sites consisted of a convenience sample and participation was greater than 70%. An American Thoracic Society based questionnaire with additional questions on skin and voice symptoms and exposure history was used to assess chronic effects. Cross-shift spirometry, an acute symptoms questionnaire and exposure monitoring on the study day were used in assessing effects from acute exposure. Monitoring data and histories were used in estimating cumulative exposure to theatrical smokes and fogs over the past 2 years. Compared to controls, the entertainment industry group had reduced FEV1 (p

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