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Squamish revealed Sadler, Heather B. W.


The vast majority of current urban design is occurring on a massive scale without respect given to the social, cultural or physical surroundings. The resulting spaces are neither unique, nor differentiated; they are non-descript and homogenous. While the downtown of Squamish, British Columbia has maintained its unique spirit and appeal, a result of the spectacular natural setting, the social character and the industrial heritage, it is struggling to exist in behind the veneer of the Sea to Sky Highway. As Squamish is facing major new development opportunities, potential exists to re-orient development to revitalize the downtown area. In creating an urban design vision for Squamish, the social, cultural and natural characteristics were considered. Three principles that embody these characteristics - enliven the downtown, maximize on the natural surroundings, and maintain the industrial character - were adhered to. The resulting design vision proposes interventions ranging from population densification, an alternate entrance into the downtown, an open space framework, and street re-configuration. Each of these interventions contributes to the overall goal of creating a unique, differentiated and vibrant downtown core.

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