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The development of a motivational distortion scale for use with the counterproductivity scale of the California Psychological Inventory Ng, Ee-Ling


A sample of 250 undergraduates was administered the California Psychological Inventory (CPI), Form 434, on two separate occasions, under two separate conditions—(a) in which they were to respond honestly, and (b) where they were to respond as if being considered for a job they valued. Four different indices were used to assess a subject's change in responses, between the two conditions, on a CPI-based counterproductivity (CPI-Cp) scale. Using a composite of these four indices as a criterion measure of motivational distortion, a 56-item CPI-based motivational distortion scale (CPI-MD) was developed on the basis of item-total correlations with this criterion. Internal consistency and test-retest reliability estimates of the CPI-MD scale ranged between .72 and .86. Correlations with NEO PI-R domain and facet scale provided evidence of construct validity. The CPI-MD scale was used to develop an adjustment equation to correct CPI-Cp scale scores for motivational distortion. Adjusted CPI-Cp scores manifested somewhat different correlations with other personality variables than did scores on the original CPI-Cp scale, and an assessment of criterion-related validity for various job-related criteria in two separate workplace samples showed significant increases, for the adjusted scale, in validity in one sample.

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