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Perfectionism dimensions, perfectionistic dysfunctional attitudes, need for approval, and depression symptoms in adult psychiatric patients and young adults Sherry, Simon Bryan


Perfectionism dimensions, perfectionistic dysfunctional attitudes [PDA], need for approval [NFA], and depression were examined in 70 psychiatric patients and 211 young adults. Socially prescribed perfectionism was strongly correlated with and solely predictive of PDA. Socially prescribed perfectionism uniquely predicted depression in psychiatric patients after controlling for PDA and NFA (without an opposite pattern occurring. Four interactions were obtained for young women: socially prescribed perfectionism interacted with interpersonal stressors and achievement stressors to predict depression; self-oriented perfectionism interacted with perceived coping difficulties to predict depression; PDA interacted with achievement stressors to predict depression. Perfectionism dimensions are more precise than PDA in that they separate socially-based perfectionistic tendencies from self-directed perfectionistic tendencies. Perfectionism dimensions are more comprehensive than PDA in that they include attitudes and cognitions as well as behaviors, motivations, and interpersonal dynamics.

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