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The carceral city : parolee experiences of reintegration into community Murphy, Jennifer


This study explored and described the experiences of parolees in reintegrating into the community after their release from prison. It focuses on the process of reintegration from the perspective of the parolees themselves. The study was framed within the theoretical perspectives of Critical Theory (Habermas and Foucault), criminological theory and the narrative approach. Using a qualitative approach, three federal parolees were interviewed about the process of reintegration. A collective case study approach within the instrumental case study model was used. Participants were selected from a group of federal parolees living in a city in the Interior of British Columbia, and they were recruited for inclusion in the study through the Correctional Service of Canada. The interviews were audio-taped and transcribed by the researcher, and data was analyzed using narrative analysis techniques. Findings involved an evaluation of the barriers/aids to reintegration, formal/informal services used, and community attitudes to parolees. The most significant finding focused on the parolees' "hidden" identity within the community and their "insider'V'outsider" status. Implications for social work practice are discussed and also future research directions, including strategies to include the narratives of parolees in a reformulated community mediation process.

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