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Experimental study of transient cooling of a hot steel plate by an impinging circular jet Meng, Qi


The steel industry produces approximately 200 million metric tons of hot-rolled steel strip annually. During the production, runout table cooling process is crucial because it strongly influences the final mechanical properties of a steel strip in a hot strip mill. The heat transfer during runout table cooling itself is considered one of the most complicated processes in the industrial world. Over the past decades much effort has been mounted worldwide to control runout table cooling operation. However, little is known about what is really happening during the water jet impingement and how far the operations are from the optimum even today. In the current study, transient heat transfer experiments of single water jet impingement on a static steel plate were achieved. The initial temperature of the steel plate, the flow rate of the water jet and the size of the nozzle were set close to the runout table condition. Jet water temperatures were set relatively high so that the film boiling phenomena can be observed. Film boiling data on the hot steel plate was experimentally and theoretically analyzed to obtain fundamental knowledge that is helpful to predict the runout table cooling process.

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