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Seachange : subtitle an environmental history of the Pacific halibut fishery 1878-1960 Thistle, John Robert


Seachange is a study of shifting emphases in Pacific halibut conservation policy, and a story about the changing relationship between people and nature. North American fishery conservation policy cut its teeth on the Pacific halibut fishery. It has been cooperatively managed by Canada and the United States since 1923, and has been at the center of what may prove to be two of the most important debates over fishery policy in the last century. What follows, however, is less a study of specific policies than it is a study of shifting emphases in North American fishery management. Although people have been fishing halibut for hundreds of years, the idea that their activities need to be managed is relatively new. But the idea of "management" begs two further questions: managed how and to what end? These are the questions to which Seachange seeks answers.

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