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Studies of the auditory steady-state responses Herdman, Anthony T.


Scalp-recorded auditory steady-state responses (ASSRs) to multiple stimuli may be useful in objectively estimating hearing thresholds of individuals who are unable to reliably respond behaviourally, such as infants. Primary objectives of the present thesis are: (1) to identify the anatomical location of neurons responsible for generating ASSRs; (2) to determine cochlear place specificity of the multiple-ASSR method; (3) to evaluate the benefit of using the multiple- ASSR method in estimating hearing thresholds, as compared to single-stimulus methods; and (4) to determine the accuracy of using multiple-ASSRs to estimate hearing thresholds in subjects with normal or impaired hearing. Results show that the entire auditory system contributes to the generation of ASSRs to modulated stimuli. Cortical neurons are more responsive at lower modulation frequencies (e.g.,

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