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Kiosk : development of participatory urban design guidelines for rehabilitation of historic neighbourhoods, city of Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China Wang, Ke


The objective of this thesis is to apply the latest development in Information Technology (IT) and multimedia to contribute and supplement in the formulation of participatory urban design. Using new media tools, this study has concentrated on one specific urban design case in a historic neighborhood in the city of Quanzhou in China. The neighborhood, called Qinglong Xiang, is a residential area containing a high number of fine, traditional, vernacular houses. However, it is suffering the negative impact from fast housing market growth. Recent self-built houses of no local historical architectural value, usually made with imported modern materials and in a style that departs radically from the traditional vernacular, are quickly replacing the old vernacular houses. Through participatory planning approach, the thesis contains a set of incremental urban plan, housing principles, regulations and design guidelines for the historic rehabilitation urban design of the Qinglong Xiang neighborhood. In the format of a multi-media presentation, the thesis provides materials for the establishment of an interactive CD-ROM for both the residents of the neighborhood and the government authorities. In order to facilitate a participatory process, the CD-ROM can be used via an electronic kiosk that is accessible to both sides. The proposed process of participatory, digital, interactive and feedback enabled urban design is considered an avant-garde attempt in China. The interactive multi-media CD-ROM provides foundation upon which future developments in IT and digital community may be implemented to enhance the participatory urban design.

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