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Exploration of the role of the community response network in Kelowna Bird, Marie Christine


The Community Response Network in Kelowna was formed from the policydriven elder abuse committee and as a response to the Adult Guardianship Act of British Columbia enacted in 2000. After the inception of the act that addresses abuse, neglect and self-neglect of adults, the Community Response Network - a community development initiative that was implemented from social policy - was unsure of its role in the community. The purpose of this qualitative research is to assist the network in defining its role in supporting adults who may be vulnerable to harm. What is the role of the Community Response Network? What did the network do in the past? How effective was it? Who should be involved? It was thought that the network would continue to offer education and awareness to community members. Through a purposeful convenience sample of participants in both a focus group and individual interviews, various themes such as structure, values, context and tasks were evident through verbatim analysis. As well, through a feminist analysis, several dichotomies and inconsistencies were interpreted. Recommendations for the network include continuing education and awareness workshops, strengthening linkages in the community, and inviting a diverse group of people to become involved in the committee.

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