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Compositions, 2000-2002 Wooden, Geoffrey Michael


This thesis contains 6 musical works totalling 50 minutes of music written for various ensembles including chamber groups of various sizes, electronic music, and combinations of electronic music with live performers. "From the planet of Geoff" is a piece which combines elements of reggae music with rock and roll and contains a section in the style of a broadway musical. It is scored for a mid-sized ensemble (14 instruments and 3 singers) and lasts for about 9 minutes. "Gweetar Myoozak" is piece scored for solo guitar which explores a less tonal environment than most of the other pieces in this thesis. It is organized into three contrasting movements and lasts for about 7 minutes. "Shine" is scored for a medium ensemble (16 intstruments) and an electronic tape. This song, because of the electronics, is included as track 1 on the CD which accompanies this thesis. "Shine" lasts for approximately 6 minutes. "Enough" is the only completely electronic piece in this thesis and the music is comprised entirely of of sounds heard in every day life which are organized into various rhythms. The piece is organized into four major sections which represent nature, industry, technology, and war and lasts for a total of 15 minutes. "Thank You" is a song which was written for my grandmother who helped to put me through the University of Oregon. She was an amazing lady and this song is for her. It is scored for two instruments and voice and lasts for about 8 minutes. "Anthem for a Time of Strange" is a song in a popular style which is scored for an electronic tape and voice. The lyrics describe the composer's current outlook on life and the world situation. It lasts for about 5 minutes.

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