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The impact of braille contractions on the quality of diagnostic information gathered using informal reading inventories with beginning braille readers Northcott, Carolyn Ruth


The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of braille contractions on the quality of diagnostic information that can be gathered by the Basic Reading Inventory (Johns, 1997) and the Burns/Roe Informal Reading Inventory (Burns & Roe, 1993) when used with young braille reading students. The pre-primer through Grade 3 level materials were analysed to determine the type and number of contractions present in each of the word lists and passages of the braille versions of both informal reading inventories. Further analysis was done to determine how many contractions would not yet have been introduced at a given level. For this purpose, the order of introductions of contractions used in the Patterns (Caton, Bradley, & Pester, 1982) reading series was used. It was determined that the Grade 1 and higher level materials contained few unknown braille contractions. In practice, students learn braille contractions at variable rates and in different orders, so each individual student's knowledge of the braille code should be taken into account. The pre-primer and primer materials are likely not suitable for use with beginning braille readers, due to the presence of unknown contractions and punctuation.

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