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Parenting in Chinese immigrant families Chan, Sing Mei


This study attempted to link parental beliefs to parenting behaviors and adolescent outcomes within specific domains. The study also explored whether parental warmth moderated the relationship between parenting behavior and adolescent outcomes. A sample of 60 Chinese immigrant families from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan participated in the study. One primary parent and one adolescent aged between 13 and 18 from each family answered surveys related to parental goals, parenting behaviors and adolescent competence in the moral, prudential and learning/academic domains. Findings offer confirmatory evidence for associations between parental goals and parenting behaviors and between parental goals and adolescent competence in all domains. Parenting behaviors were related to adolescent competence in the learning/academic domain only. No mediating effects of parenting behaviors nor moderating effects of parental warmth were found. Results are discussed in terms of Smetana's (1997) notion of domain-specificity, parental goal-parenting behavior congruency (Hastings & Grusec, 1998), and age and cultural relevance in regards to the chain associations found between parental goal, parenting behavior and adolescent outcomes.

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