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Production planning in JS McMillan Fisheries Ltd. : catch allocation decision support tool design Begen, Mehmet Atilla


JS McMillan Fisheries Ltd. (JSM) is a Vancouver-based company with operations in nearly all levels of the commercial fishing industry, from supply through distribution. The heart of the operation is the processing facilities where freshly caught Pacific salmon are prepared for sale to end consumers and institutional buyers. As the operations of JSM evolved, the decision making for allocating a catch of salmon with varying characteristics amongst a set of final products has become too complex and time consuming. The focus of this study is to determine an effective and efficient method for JSM to allocate daily a fresh salmon harvest between the various products they produce on a daily basis. The goal is short-term production planning, to allocate the catch among the products in such a manner that the profit potential of the catch is maximized, i.e. prepare a production schedule that maximizes the total profit over the planning horizon. Additional goals of this project include: automation of the decision making process for the catch allocation, "what if" planning, decreasing expert dependency, reducing decision making time, and building a practical and innovative decision support tool. In order to solve this problem efficiently and effectively, optimization models were developed for allocating the catch to the end products. A corresponding decision support tool was built for the end-users at JSM.

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