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Integration of history, aesthetics and site remediation at a contaminated ARD mine : a watershed open space plan for Britannia Beach Gauthier, Bryce Jerome


This thesis has two intentions: 1) to examine different options for the Remediation of the former Britannia Beach Copper Mine and select a scheme for the Remediation of the site which is contaminated by more than 80 years of intensive mining activity and 2) to examine how the elements of this scheme could be organised to improve the spatial layout of the community and designed to provide opportunities for interpretation, education and an improved sense of heritage. This thesis document critiques several potential Remediation options available to deal with the Remediation of Britannia Beach and recommends the implementation of a single scheme, using a system of anaerobic wetlands as the principal element. Design factors affecting the implementation of such a system are discussed such as sizing, plant materials, layout, and land availability. A second portion of this study, the graphic component, focuses on the design of the second portion of this thesis - how the design of the chosen passive Remediation scheme could be used to improve the spatial organisation and aesthetics of the community while providing opportunities for interpretation, education and history. Copies of this document, including reduced versions of the design drawings are available at the Department of Landscape Architecture Office.

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