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Evaluation of an educational package for families in British Columbia whose children have been recently diagnosed with epilepsy Massey, Cathy Lynn


This descriptive study was designed to invite parents to evaluate the usefulness of the Epilepsy Education Package they received subsequent to their child's diagnosis of epilepsy. The Evaluating Printed Education Materials (EPEM) Model (Bernier, 1993) was used to guide the development of the educational resource package. An evaluation tool was created by adapting the Client Satisfaction Questionnaire (CSQ) developed by Daniel Larsen et al(1979). The population of interest was families from the inpatient neurosciences unit and outpatient neurology clinic at British Columbia's Children's Hospital which is a part of Children and Women's Health Center of British Columbia as well as from the Epilepsy Society of British Columbia who received the Educational Resource Package when their child was newly diagnosed with epilepsy. Evaluation tools were sent to 93 families through a mailed out evaluation tool containing 39 questions in which 13 utilize a Likert scale, 15 closed-ended questions, and 11 open-ended questions as well as a demographic tool containing 10 questions. Telephone follow-up and interviews were done with 48 of these families. Analysis of the data was done descriptively. The percentages for each Likert-scaled response and closed-ended question were calculated. The open-ended questions and telephone data were analyzed using content analysis. Patterns or common themes were identified and responses categorized into these themes. The study's findings indicate that most parents read and found the educational resource package helpful. Recommendations were given as to how the package could be improved. The recommendations included adding extra suggestions for resources and supports for families, such as: information for siblings, websites, and an annotated bibliography or reference list for extra reading. Implications for clinical practice and education as well as research is included.

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